involvement and motivation of employees

The involvement and motivation of employees contribute to the performance of a company


The involvement and motivation of employees contribute to the performance of a company. Improving the commitment of your employees is therefore a crucial issue for your competitiveness. So where to start? What does an employee engagement program look like? Here are 22 ideas that will help you keep your employees engaged.

Commitment of collaborators and employees: meaning, benefits and operation

Definition of employee engagement

In everyday life, the term “commitment” refers to the formalization of a relationship, loyalty or even a responsible attitude. In the professional environment,employee engagement at workrefers to the degree of involvement of an employee and his motivation to contribute to the success of the company. A committed employee identifies himself through certain attitudes:

Recommend his company

With the increase in the rate of absenteeism and turnover , contributing to the involvement of teams becomes inevitable in order to remain efficient.

The benefits of employee engagement

The individuals involved are more inclined to invest themselves seriously in their missions, to develop their skills and to collaborate effectively. This causes measurable beneficial consequences such as:

 What are the factors of employee engagement at work?

To develop employee engagement in your company, refer to Maslow’s pyramid by addressing the following needs in order:

The basics: clear missions, appropriate equipment and materials.

Recognition: attentive management, appreciation of work and encouragement.

Belonging to a team: healthy relationships, a sense of importance and social connection.

Commitment constrained, here the employee remains for lack of finding something better or for fear of finding himself unemployed.

22 ideas to improve employee engagement in 2022

To keep a motivated teamand committed, it is necessary to imagine means that will contribute to all these factors and levels of commitment . We will see that there are many avenues to explore.

How to improve employee engagement?

The maintenance of employee commitment is worked on from the very first days. Don’t let your new hire feel left out. Prepare and plan its integration by thinking about:

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