professional credit card

What are the advantages of a professional credit card?


Avoid business expense advances

By using a professional bank card, the employees of a company no longer have to use their personal bank account to finance the expenses related to the achievement of their mission. They have a bank card linked to the business accounts of the company which they use when paying their business expenses. In particular, this allows them to no longer have to wait to be reimbursed.

These professional bank cards are particularly advantageous during business trips abroad which involve high expenses and sometimes in foreign currencies.

Win time

For employees as well as for accounting departments and managers, the time-consuming and repetitive tasks of managing expense reports are simplified. All professional expenses are centralized in the company’s professional bank account. Corporate bank cards also often have an application for managing expense reports. On the employee’s side, this means that all he has to do is scan his receipt. Accounting departments and managers then have access to all the data at a glance.

Optimize and control business expenses

Many cash tracking and expense analysis tools come with business bank cards. A company’s executives, managers and finance departments can easily keep an eye on employees’ business expenses. Reports by category, by employee or even by period allow an optimal analysis of professional expenses. With real-time monitoring, you have an instant view of your company’s cash position.

In addition, professional bank cards are often configurable. This means that you can define for each card/collaborator payment limits or even restrictions or exclusions of expenses with certain suppliers.

Gain in safety

Professional bank cards allow you to gain security by keeping control over the company’s professional expenses. Indeed, thanks to these secure means of payment, you can not only ensure compliance with your company’s professional expense policy but also protect yourself against fraud.

Our selection of the best business bank cards


A safe bet for years, the Qonto pro account offers three professional cards with increasingly developed services depending on the level of range.

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