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5 great ideas for employee engagement


One of the most important factors for a company’s success is the level of employee engagement . Beyond business strategies, available tools, investments and staff commitment are essential to drive the growth of any business.

If your employees don’t feel engaged and motivated to perform at their best, it will seriously affect your company’s performance in many areas. Decreased productivity, lack of organization, refusal to cooperate as a team, financial loss, etc.

To think about it, imagine this scenario. If you have a company of 50 employees working 40 hours a week, and only 20 of them are engaged in their tasks, this implies that you are only getting 40% (160 hours) really productive of the total performance of all your employees.

Lack of initiative at work is an urgent problem that must be corrected quickly. However, it’s not just about pay rises or benefits. Sometimes the crux of the matter is improving care and connection to work, but of course every company is different.

A workforce of engaged employees will not only benefit your company’s revenue, it will also increase profitability and the working environment will be significantly improved. And as in any business, it is vital that employees feel enthusiastic in order to be effective.

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that employee engagement is a critical component if you want to achieve real results in the short and long term. If you want to know more about this important subject, you have come to the right place!

As Cimedecor , a leader in business and workplace interior design with over 20 years of experience in Montreal, here are 5 great ideas for you to encourage employee engagement. employees .

With these great tips, you’ll be able to foster a more positive corporate culture and environment. In addition, you will

How to increase employee engagement?

Promoting employee engagement will certainly not be an easy task. You will have to manage many changes, modify work spaces and adapt your team according to the vision and objectives of your company.

The key is to get your employees excited about their work. You must therefore provide them with the tools and the means to take the initiative. Thus, your staff will be more involved in their tasks and will have a more active participation which will guarantee the success of your business.

However, getting there will take time and some sacrifice. All companies are sensitive to a drop in productivity, which affects their level of commitment and their ability to invest. In addition, it varies according to the social, cultural and individual situation of each employee.

But don’t worry, it can be fixed!

With the right strategies, a touch of inspiration and a few incentives, you can re-motivate your employees to perform at their best. This will increase their performance. And this will not only benefit you, but also benefit them (because the more engaged they are , the more money they earn).

But before we review these strategies, let’s look at some other important things to keep in mind if you want to encourage greater employee engagement .

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