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Tips To Choose The Best Cake Decorating Kit


Decorating cakes at home can be a fun and rewarding hobby for baking enthusiasts of all ages. With the right cake decorating supplies, you can create beautiful, personalized caked for birthdays, weddings, holidays and more. Choosing the best cake decorating kit doesn’t have to be complicated, especially for beginners. Consider factors like your budget, types of frosting tips, ease of cleaning, and extras like decorating bags and couplers. Read on for tips to select a cake decorating kit  set that has all the essential tools to start embellishing cakes artistically.

Look for a Range of Icing Tips

Investing in a cake decorating kit with various piping tips allows you more creative freedom to pipe different textures and designs. Starter sets tend to include round tips for writing and outlining, star-shaped tips for borders and textures, and leaf-shaped tips for floral patterns. As you advance, you may want to try specialty tips like petal, ripple, basketweave and more. Make sure the kit has tips made of sturdy stainless steel or plastic rather than flimsy metal that can bend easily. High-quality tips will produce consistent decorations without clogging or dripping too quickly.

Check that the kit includes small, medium and large round tips – from #2 to #12. These versatile basics allow you to outline cakes with thin or thick borders. Leaf tips like #67 to #352 work well for leaves, grasses and floral accents. Think about what cake designs you want to make – if sugar flowers are your thing, look for blossom and petal tips. If you like topping cupcakes with swirls of frosting, select a set with open star tips for pretty patterns.

Consider Cupcake and Cookie Decorating Tools

Many cake decorating sets also come with useful tools for embellishing cupcakes, cookies and more baked goods. Helpful extras can include:

  • Cupcake corers to core cupcakes for inserted fills
  • Cupcake wrappers for baking decorations uniform mini cakes
  • Cookie cutters in fun shapes from hearts to stars
  • Edible cake decorations like sprinkles and pearls

If you want to decorate multiple treats, not just cakes, it’s wise to choose a kit containing these additional decorating accessories. This prevents you from having to purchase separate supplies just for cupcakes or cookies later on.

Pay Attention to Number of Decorating Bags

Think about how many piping bags are included in the kit. As a beginning decorator, you’ll want several bags on hand to keep multiple colored frostings or piping tips ready for use. Look for a set with at least six decorating bags and preferably more. Disposable plastic bags are fine for most home bakers. Some kits also include reusale canvas piping bags which are washable and more environmentally friendly. Ensure any bags are 12 to 18 inches tall to give you room to fold over tops neatly.

See If Couplers Are Included

A coupling tool lets you interchange piping tips on a bag quickly for efficiency. Rather than filling a new bag each time you switch tips, you can swap them out with a coupler. These handy plastic rings allow you to combine any tip with any bag. For convenience, select a cake decorating kit containing multiple couplers – ideally one for every piping bag. This way you don’t have to stop and remove a coupler every time you change things up. Without couplers, your creativity can be limited by having to keep more bags filled simultaneously.

Check for Sturdy Storage Options

Cake decorating supplies tend to be small pieces like tips, bags and couplers that are easily misplaced around your kitchen. To keep everything together, choose a kit that includes storage containers or cases. Hard plastic bins are ideal for holding piping tips of various sizes without bending or cramming them. Look for clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside. If bags or couplers are not in air-tight containers, they may get dirty or damaged more easily. Some premium kits even have specialized storage options like racks to hold bags upright and cases for safe tip storage.

Consider Easy Clean-Up

To make life simpler, select decorating tools that are dishwasher safe or easy to hand wash. Silicone piping bags tend to be the easiest to clean by hand or dishwasher. Stainless steel tips are also quick to clean with hot, soapy water. Plastic couplers and storage bins can go right in the dishwasher too. Avoid kits with metal parts beyond the actual tips, as these may rust over time with frequent washing. Also consider how you’ll clean up from major cake mess-ups – having your own decorating turntable and icing spatulas can help rescue burnt cakes.

Compare Prices and Brands

Cake decorating kit prices vary widely based on the number of pieces, materials, quality and brand name. You can find basic kits for under $20, while more extensive professional sets run over $100. Mid-range options around $40 to $60 allow you to get started without spending a fortune. Run a quick online price comparison before you buy. Top brands to look for include Wilton, Kootek, Bake Boss and Lineco. Well-known companies typically offer better quality control. Check online reviews too to see what issues past customers may have experienced.

Consider Buying Components Separately

While complete decorating sets offer value and convenience, purchasing items individually allows you to customize what’s included. If you only need basic round tips to start out, buy a small multi-pack and add more specialized tips later on. You can purchase better quality bags and couplers separately too. Building your own kit tailored to your needs often provides the best value and flexibility. Just be sure to factor in costs of multiple purchases down the road.


Finding the ideal cake decorating kit follows a balanced approach – get enough basics to explore new techniques without going overboard on volume. Prioritize versatile tools like round and leaf-shaped tips you’ll use constantly over one-off shapes. Consider extras like couplers, bags and storage cases for a hassle-free experience whippiping up frosted masterpieces like happy merry christmas sticker. Comparing respected cake decorating brands allows you to assess real-world performance and available resources too. With the right set of starter tools, you’ll be embellishing cakes like a pro with practice.

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